About Eva Mendes

Name: Eva Mendes
Was born to: Cuban-American parents
Born in: Miami, Florida
Born On: March 5, 1974

beautiful Eva Mendes
beautiful Eva Mendes
Mendes started acting, mostly as an extra in movies, as a means to earn extra spending money. She took acting seriously and began to appear in commercials, music videos, soap operas, and supporting film roles. Mendes’s performance in Training Day led to many roles such as Hitch, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and Stuck on You. 

Eva Mendes spent some time in Cirque Lodge rehab center in Utah in 2008 for a substance abuse problem.

Eva Mendes is very frugal with her money, She still drives and loves her Range Rover that she has had for four years.  Eva would have liked to do some kind of work in interior decorating, but because of her work schedule with acting and modeling that does not allow her to do everything she loves. 

Eva Mendes in news: Recent rumors began about her dating Joaquin Phoenix. Most notably is her voluntary admission to Utah's Cirque Lodge treatment center for a undisclosed substance abuse problem. Reports about  a cocaine addiction as well as alcohol problem. Eva managed to rise above the negative press. One more rumor about Eva is that before her acting career, she went on a wild road trip through every state and had sex in each one. 
  • In February 2008, it was revealed Eva had entered rehab for drug use. Her treatment is being undertaken at Cirque Lodge center in Utah.
  • Before Eva got her big break, she sold hot dogs at ‘Hot Dog on a Stick’ at Glendale Galleria Mall in California.
  • Growing up, Eva's role model was Cindy Crawford.
  • In February 2007, Eva was named Cosmopolitan's 'Fun Fearless Female of the Year.'
  • As of 2007, Eva is dating filmmaker George Gargurevich.
  • Eva Mendes is a smoker.
  • Eva Mendes graduated from Herbert Hoover High School in Glendale, California. She then attended California State University Northridge and majored in Marketing but she dropped out to pursue acting.
  • Eva's Mendes hobbies are music, hiking, biking, skiing, and mountain climbing, and interior designing.
  • Eva Mendes ranked #12 on the Maxim Magazine 'Hot 100 of 2005' list.

Eva Mendes Pictures Gallery:

Eva Mendes on the table holding her heels
Eva Mendes on the table holding her heels

sweet Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes

Hot and sexy sweet Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes hot Kiss
Eva Mendes Kiss

Eva Mendes smile
Eva Mendes smile

young and sexy Eva Mendes with long hair
young  Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes sexy smile
Eva Mendes sexy smile
Eva Mendes sexy naked butt
Eva Mendes sexy naked butt

beautiful eyes of eva mendes
Eva Mendes beautiful eyes
gorgeous eva mendes 2012
gorgeous Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes with naked shoulders
Eva Mendes Naked shoulders
Eva Mendes naked in fur
Eva Mendes beautiful butt
Eva Mendes beautiful butt

Eva Mendes in hot black stocking, touching hair
Eva Mendes in hot black stocking

Eva Mendes smiling and naked on the bed
Eva Mendes naked on the bed

Sexy Eva Mendes touching her hair with sexy eyes
Sexy Eva Mendes touching her hair with sexy eyes
Eva Mendes in lingerie with sexy look
Eva Mendes Sexy Look
sweet Eva Mendes in lingerie
Eva Mendes in lingerie

Sexy Eva Mendes oiled in Kelvin Klein lingerie wit black stockings
Sexy Eva Mendes oiled in Kelvin Klein lingerie

Sexy Eva Mendes naked in the dark
Sexy Eva Mendes naked in the dark

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