Natalie La Rose

Everybody asking this days about the mysterious Ex girl in latest Lloyd - Dedication To My Ex video.
We are proud to introduce you with Natalie La Rose (Natalie Larose)
Natalie La Rose

Some say she is a mix of Beyonce and Eva Mendes. We are proud to introduce you with Natalie La Rose (Natalie Larose), the rising star and to be the hottest name in the hood.

Originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands she is making us all fall in love with the gorgeous EX girl that Lloyd is so passion about. She is a big lover of dancing, music and make as all fall in love in her moves.
Natalie La Rose mini dress
Natalie La Rose
Recently she was doing The Finale Liveshow of Junior Dance together with DJ Erik Arbores!

We are all looking forward for a new dance and permanence by Natalie LARose and hoping she will keep on with her great moves on stage and TV shows.

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